Western society was in visible dissolution, every headline ominous. He himself seldom spoke of outer-world affairs. It is not relevant to this personal memoir nor would it be within my competence to describe the Gurdjieff exercises for beginners. Not with the mind but with the feeling. Only faithful hard work on ourselves would get us where he wanted us to go, not our wishing. For a young person, Nature will help in the effort to do, so that person will not have to struggle as will a person of responsible age.

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The movements are placed within the context of a larger philosophical ideology …The Fourth Way… which is the way of the Sufi… Watch this short interview with Akash RIP , founder of Akhaldans as she explains about the approach and the retreat. This is harmonious development. Also, in contrast with the traditional ways, the fourth does not require separation from conditions of ordinary life. Waking up involves "remembering ourselves.

At the same time, to escape from prison, work with others of like mind is essential…which is why we work together, in groups. The Work… as it is called offers an opportunity for deep personal exploration, growth, and healing, using the methods suggested by Gurdjieff, and other Masters of the Fourth Way. It is a terror to behold, a joy to experience. It is the connecting threads of a great and secret circle closing the gap The Work is not mystical It does not direct your attention to that which is incapable of being understood The Work is not a cult We do not perform rituals and ceremonies for the sake of astounding ourselves, or to impress others.

The Work is not religious We do not worship any mortally named enigma. The Work is not a sect We do not blindly or mechanically revere any human being. The Work is not a contemporary fad Its secret paths have been trod by a few since the dawn of the intellect. The Work is not a necessity Life has yet to require that human beings realize their full potential.

A spiritual master and mystic, who lived on earth from He set out at the age of 20, searching for the answer to the basic question, why am I here, on Earth? He discovered secret sufi brotherhoods, guarding knowledge of the truth he was seeking. He escaped, during the Russian revolution, with a small caravanserai of pupils, to France, where he set up the institute for the harmonious development of man.

Among the teachings that were transmitted at this institute, were the sacred dances, movements and gymnastics. Based on The Science of Movements, these are vehicles for inner transformation. A source of living existential teaching. They demand an extraordinary kind of attention, divided simultaneously between several different activities of the body and mind.

Every posture, gesture, rhythm has its own place, duration and weight. There is minimal reliance on habit, reflex functioning and symmetry. Interior exercises in sensation and counting in canon may be added, and silent or spoken prayer. You can do all this only if you are completely centered, and present.

Emotions come up strongly, and are acknowledged, and dealt with, in the present moment. Each dance has its own music, designed by Gurdjieff, and Russian composer, Thomas de Hartmann. The Law of Three…states that every manifestation is the resultant of three forces… Affirming, Denying, Reconciling. The Law of Seven…states that when a manifestation evolves, it does so non linearly.

This law explains why, when something begins, it does not continue, ad infinitum, Why a rainstorm abates, and why a grudge finally loses its venom… and why there are no straight lines in nature.

This law is very visible in the western musical scale, which is composed of unequal steps. As we proceed up the scale, sol, la, si, are equi-distant, and there is a half step between si and doh. According to Gurdjieff, both these laws are present in all processes, from the creation of the universe, to cooking a meal, to building a house, to writing a book… It is a symbol of unity in motion. Akash about the work "We are not dancers.

We are all searching for our truth, through the dances and movements. Sign up to our 4th Way updates and stay informed. This list will only be used for updates about our 4th Way activities. You rock! Now you just need to check your email and confirm your registration. Feel free to also share this with your friends so that they gain access to this knowledge and awakening too.


An Inner-World Journey

Who inhabits this body of flesh and bones? Is there someone home? What immensity does exist within the limitations of the body? How to live more passionately the inner fire? What is the meaning of the Gurdjieff movements practice in our daily life?




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