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Updated and Expanded 5th Edition The first softcover edition of this book, with a different title, was published in by The Center for Frequency. Two larger, revised hardcover editions, with substantially new material, an index and also different titles, were published in and by Desert Gate Productions LLC.

All rights reserved. New interior book design by Nenah Sylver. Cover design by Duane Burchett and Nenah Sylver. Index by Nenah Sylver. Top: Bipolar nerve cell, as seen through the Ergonom microscope. Middle: Cross section of a bone 3.

Bottom: Cell division, as seen through the Ergonom microscope. ISBN: Library of Congress Control Number: xix Imagine what your life would be like if you could eliminate ill health in as little as one day for something mild like the common cold , or in several months to a year, maximum, for a more serious illness like cancer. You would not need toxic drugs or invasive surgery, you would not incur unfairly high medical bills, and you would not have to depend on doctors for long periods of time.

American scientist Royal Rife, and his remarkable technology that has helped thousands overcome life- threatening diseases, is finally becoming more public after decades of suppression. As incredible as it sounds, though, the knowledge that specific frequencies destroy pathogens is not new. Royal Rife began his career as an inventor almost a century ago. In those days, the magnifying power of existing microscopes was poor. Individual viruses, and even some bacteria, could not be seen because they were too small.

Determined to view them, Rife built his highly acclaimed Universal Microscope. Many times more powerful than other magnifying instruments, the microscope made specimens visible without killing them. This feat was beyond the capacity of even an electron microscope, which makes pathogens visible by bombarding them with electrons in a vacuum, thus destroying them. Rife had a good reason for wanting to see specimens in their natural live state. If you want to discover how to kill a microorganism, you need to know how it reacts to its environment.

Once Rife could observe the activities and responses of living microorganisms, he could devise a method to destroy them. Hence, the Rife Ray was born. Every living organism has a resonant frequency, or intrinsic radiation signature. The various frequencies it emitted, via an electromagnetic field, corresponded to the resonance of different pathogens and therefore disabled them. Tests were successfully conducted on thousands of infected animals.

Many of the most prestigious doctors and pathologists in the US, impressed with the initial results, supported Rife in several ways. They gave him money, worked with him in his laboratory, substantiated his findings, and used the Rife Ray in their US and overseas clinics. Some doctors even sent Rife notarized affidavits affirming the effectiveness of the treatments.

The medical-pharmaceutical industry, foreseeing a massive loss in profits from drugs and surgeries, appointed some very vocal opponents—none of whom, it should be pointed out, tested the machine. Medical boards threatened to revoke the licenses of doctors who used the Rife Ray unless they relinquished their equipment.

Articles on Rife and his inventions began disappearing from newspaper archives. The greed and callousness of the wealthy powerful few deprived many sick people of healing and even cost them their lives. Vilified and discredited by the ignorant and greedy, his technology misunderstood and underutilized, Royal Raymond Rife died in Next, after it makes large numbers of people well, its inventor, proponents and users are privately harassed, publicly humiliated, and legally persecuted.

Perhaps they even die of mysterious causes or under suspicious circumstances. Finally, steeped in rumor and innuendo, the modality disappears. However, original source material was scarce. Movie footage from showing Rife in his lab, and a few equally old photographs, provided the only visual clues about the equipment. One researcher spent hours rummaging through the morgue files of a California newspaper office to find decades-old news clippings.

Another investigator spotted articles in obscure yellowing engineering journals. One astonishing find was an old trunk full of reel-to-reel tapes, featuring discussions between Rife and his close colleagues. The tapes were transferred onto CDs and made available to the public. Around , a non-working Rife Ray was found in a museum and restored by a team of resourceful engineers. This knowledge was not merely academic. It could, and would, lead to the production of more effective modern units.

Kept safely in an undisclosed location, it underwent meticulous restoration by several key researchers until it was again taken. Predictably perhaps, the cloak-and-dagger antics of secrecy, theft, and duplicity that had plagued Royal Rife have continued today.

Fortunately, not everyone interested in Rife history wanted to hoard their treasures. Using the primary source materials as references, scientists, health practitioners, electronics engineers and curious laypeople are now experimenting with different types of machines as well as new frequencies.

With a rapidly growing, fresh generation of wellness seekers demanding access to life-saving technology, a new era of frequency healing has been born. There are now hundreds of companies, on every continent of the globe, selling frequency therapy units to address all types of diseases. Despite the intimidation tactics of the medical- pharmaceutical industry and some government agencies, more researchers are stepping forward to share what they know, via the printed page, radio, electronic media, and at conferences.

In addition, medical clinics and formal and informal research centers are springing up all over the world: Australia, Mexico, Canada, the Netherlands, New Zealand, South Africa, Germany, Romania, and the United States, among other countries.


The Rife Handbook



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ISBN 13: 9780981807515



Download: The Handbook Of Rife Frequency Healing Pdf.pdf


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