BRTS has been predicated on the assumption that the bus movement will happen faster. The time taken to cover the distance between points A and B has to be lesser while travelling on a BRTS bus than in a private vehicle. That is how you shift people to public transport. But because of people driving in BRTS lane, this objective is not fully achieved. There will be at least two gates at one station and they will be installed wherever there is an intersection after the BRTS station.

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Any destination in the city can be reached from anywhere in the city by AMTS. You may easily ask around the people esp. Also, Public Transit option on Google Maps will show you the nearest AMTS stop while searching directions from your location to the destination and it also gives information about the bus numbers, transfer points, etc. In total, AMTS has around stops with routes. It is mandatory to board the bus from the rear end door and alight from the front end one.

The conductor on the bus will issue you a ticket according to your destination stop. As buses are the most common transport facility for many in the city they are often overcrowded. See Ahmedabad for sight-seeing in Ahmedabad. The buses are air-conditioned. The starting point is Law Garden Civic Centre. BRTS does not cover the entire city, but wherever available it is the best way to commute as it is remarkably faster than other modes as no other vehicle can ply on BRTS corridor and all the stations are marked well, in both English and Hindi.

The fares are only slightly higher than AMTS min. Keep the ticket with you until you get off at your destination, where you show the ticket to the checker and then leave the station on to the road. Buses are equipped with central automatic doors that open up automatically when the bus halts at a station. While the bus is about to arrive at a station, there are announcements with name of the station along with display on the electronic board inside the bus.

Inside the stations, there are boards displaying real-time information about arrivals or upcoming buses, along with the routes and estimated time remaining for the arrivals. The name of the station will be printed in white letters on blue strips on the sides horizontal and on the roof of the station vertical.

For information on all the BRTS stations, visit the above-linked website, which shows them according to the line, or install an unofficial Android app , which provides information such as travel options, routes, fare, time, station names, etc.

There is only an east-west line, which runs through the city and stops at some places of interest, including the dometic cricket stadium and Ahmedabad Junction railway station. They are not very comfortable and spacious. The drivers might ride very roughly, in which case you might request him to drive smoothly and slowly. In most cases, the drivers will be able to understand Hindi and maybe even a few words of English.

They are normally quite helpful, but some will try to cheat tourists. As always, agree on a fare before getting in. Day and night fares are different. If you look an out-of-the-town person, you may end up getting overcharged. For example, he might insist on a fare based on meter and take you to your destination through a longer route. Having some understanding about the distances can be helpful. So you will hardly find a taxi on the roads to hail whenever needed, though you may either book a taxi from a hotel or directly book one outside the railway station.

There is a government authorized taxi stand. It may be more costly to book through hotels, and it is better to negotiate with the driver directly. Online bookings are also possible at various websites. Talk[ edit ] The local language is Gujarati. Hindi is understood by almost everyone and English is prevalent amongst educated people. English is at least partially understood by most people in the tourist industry. See[ edit ] This is a huge city article , so detailed listings go in the district articles.

This section should only be a brief overview. Ahmedabad has several floridly carved historic monuments including the Stepwell at Adalaj and the Rani Mosques dedicated to Rani Sipri and Rani Rupmati. There are some museums and art galleries. Modern office buildings and malls dot the more recently developed areas.

Important places to see include: Gandhi Ashram.


Ahmedabad Bus Rapid Transit System

At present, AMTS has buses servicing the city. ABC Co. There was shortage of petrol till due to Second World War and the petrol supply was in limited quantity even in when the municipal bus service started. Coal-gas was used as fuel earlier in the buses, many buses were plying on gas. There were approximately 50, commuters who travelled in such buses, Morris company operated some 32 bus routes in the city. There were clock-wise and anticlock-wise routes running from shahpur to shahpur.



Infographic In Ahmedabad, a city with a population of more than 5. Commuters could either drive, take the municipal bus which was over crowded or auto rickshaws. Passenger numbers have also grown, from 18, at the start to nearly , today. Janmarg is designed as a strategic intervention, to attract latent transit demand, improve air quality and help the city remain compact.


Ahmedabad B.R.T.S (Bus Rapid Transport System)


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